Star Trek CCG (First Edition) Resource Page

Rulebook Version 2.0.1 (Unofficial Draft)

I've written an updated rulebook for the game, which the Continuing Committee is currently considering. The rulebook comes with a "Streamlined" mode, which covers only the game's basic rules so new players can get started fast.

Interactive Online Edition: Basic Rulebook (Vol. 1) | Advanced Rulebook (Vol. 2) | Complete Rulebook (Combined)

Printable PDFs: Complete Rulebook | Basic Rulebook

Playing the Borg: Borg Rules Sheet (Borg rules are covered in other rulebooks, but some find a separate document convenient)

Forum Rulings

From time to time, the 1E Rulesmaster issues interim rulings on the Continuing Committee forums, resolving issues while Rules decides whether an official update is required. Those rulings are collected here.

The 1E Tutorial Series

These (amazing) tutorials were rescued from Jeremy Commandeur's site when it went down.

Right-click and select Save As... in order to download these PowerPoint slideshows. If you do not have Microsoft Office, you can download this free application from Microsoft that will allow you to view them.

1. Introduction & Overview

2. Seed Phase (Part 1) (Doorways)

3. Seed Phase (Part 2) (Missions)

4. Seed Phase (Part 3) (Dilemmas)

5. Seed Phase (Part 4) (Facilities)

6. Complete Seed Phase Example

7. Play Phase (Part 1) (Playing cards)

8. Play Phase (Part 2) (Executing Orders)

9. Play Phase (Part 3) (Drawing cards; Winning the game)

10. How to Play Borg

11. Q the Referee

12. All About Holograms

13. Side Decks

Old Decipher Dream Cards

Enrico81 saved a bunch of very, very old dream cards from the Decipher era and recently shared them with us. They're good for a wee chuckle! I'm going to try to get them on a page at some point, but for now here's the zip file: DreamcardsDecipher.

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