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Non-bold text is added by me (James Heaney) to provide context. For all recent rulings, links are provided; I am very slowly going back and adding links for older rulings as well.

Current Rulings

Last Updated 3 Dec 2017

Based on my and Matt Zino's analysis, you can do "in place of a card draw" actions when you have an empty deck.


Equipment are unstopped as part of a personnel battle.


The Sh'Raan can use its special download to get Combat-Ready: Tactical Reserve [despite its missing hyphen].


[Regarding Five of Fourteen, who can download Retask "in place of a card play":]

Just to be clear, this is in place of your "normal" card play.

[This ruling also presumably applies to For The Sisko.]


"Release this Pain" does not override "does not work with" restrictions [such as those on War Council]. Sybok may only mix with NA personnel - but this may be overridden by "Release this Pain". (Link)

[There is currently a conflict between the Glossary and the Dilemma Resolution Guide about how the dilemma Edo Probe works. The Glossary states that, if the encountering player chooses not to continue the mission attempt (Edo Probe's first choice), Edo Probe is placed on the mission as a marker. The Dilemma Resolution Guide states that Edo Probe is reseeded beneath the mission to be encountered again. While the Glossary is normally considered authoritative, the entry is obscure enough and playgroups have been handling it differently enough to trigger this official ruling:]

For now the DRG is correct, but know that this is under discussion. Therefore it processes as follows:

If playing Borg affiliation, discard dilemma (neither choice is relevant). Otherwise, make choice when you first encounter dilemma. . If you choose to abandon mission attempt, replace dilemma under mission. You may not reattempt until any player has completed a different mission. AT/crew is not "stopped" but cannot continue here. When you do reattempt, discard the dilemma; you do not re-encounter it. If your opponent attempts this mission before you reattempt, he/she does encounter it and must make the same choice. . If you choose to continue, and you complete the mission this turn (with any AT/crew), discard the dilemma. If you do not complete mission this turn, place the dilemma in your bonus point area. (Link)

any Zefram Cochrane may acquire a Phoenix under Montana missle complex as a normal action. (Link)

You Know I'd Like to Help does not allow [Fed] ships to play for free at DS9 (even with Trust The Prophets in play) (Link)

if you attempted to seed a unique facility but failed to do so (e.g. a headquarters) you may use copies of it in play for the purposes of cards that refer to "your" facility (Link)


Loss of Orbital Stability - Modifies/prevents movement
Hail - Prevents battle
Establish Tractor Lock - Modifies/Prevents battle
Access Denied - Modifies the mission attempt

these are all valid responses (Link)

(What Does God Need With A Starship is not a valid response to ship movement.)

Cytoplasmic lifeform only applies to meeting mission requirements when solving. (Link)

(For example, Armus Energy Field and Lack of Preparation are not altered if Cytoplasmic Life-Form is on the mission.)

You cannot change the mission requirements you are using during an attempt (e.g. changing an attempt at Insurrection from the built-in requirements to using Collect Metaphasic Particles)

(Subject: Receptacle Stones)

The entire crew faces every dilemma [regardless of stops]

stops by different dilemmas create different away teams.

(Subject: Personnel "lost" by Thine Own Self)

If the mission is [already] completed they cannot be recovered

you may not look through a side deck that is face up

The specifics of Samaritan Snare override the rules OTF [or otherwise].

The do nothing part of Cytherians does not prevent other required actions

(Subject: scoring on Add Distinctiveness:)

Count only the [Skill Dot] icons of personnel you have assimilated as drones which are in play, recalculate the value of X each time you assimilate a personnel as a drone or a drone you have assimilated leaves play.

(Subject: Cytherians shortcuts: )

The action must directly result in shortened travel.

(Follow-up: Using Cytherians-affected Two of Nineteen's skill to download a Transwarp Network Gateway to move between two gateways is legal. But downloading to hand, or to build a new gateway is not legal as neither directly results shortening travel.)

Humanoid is not a distinct species and may not be treated as such even for copies of the same card (unique or universal)

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